Seated Workplace Massage

You might be asking yourself why invest in workplace massage? It costs money and what do I get in return? There are a number of reasons why you would make this small investment.

Massage has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, relieve muscular tension and increase immune function. With the reduction of stress and increased well-being your staff will be able to work more effectively towards the goals of your business.

 The cost of recruiting new staff is expensive and time consuming. Staff that receive massage at work feel appreciated. It has been shown that appreciated staff are more dedicated to your business. By creating a supportive culture focused on improving staff well-being you will
begin to save on some of the large costs associated with recruitment and sick leave.


“I highly recommend his service as an effective way of promoting staff well being and optimising productivity levels.” – Matt, Director OHRS.

Offering your staff monthly massages is relatively inexpensive, easy to coordinate and a step towards growing a healthier workplace.

The seated massage I provide relieves neck, head and shoulder tension whilst reducing mental fatigue and leave staff feeling refreshed.

Staff that receive massage in their workplace claim to:

  • feel happier and more satisfied in their workplace.
  • enjoy coming to work, and are engaged in their job.
  • are less stressed and feel healthier.


Packages from $100

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